14813236_10211156215404245_1580945376_oThe Adelaide music scene has been the breeding ground for countless acts that would later go on to achieve great success nationally. Despite its fertile climate and proven record, Adelaide still (generally) doesn’t get the credit it deserves nationally. What’s up with that?

When Rad Jams Exchange came back out of the ashes in 2015 as a record label (after two well-meaning but ultimately impractical objectives), our goal was clear: bring the Adelaide scene experience to as many people as we could. Right now, we’re doing that in two major ways – distributing music directly from the artist to you, and capturing the live experience so that everybody can enjoy the best of what the Adelaide scene has to offer, now and forever.

It’s all good and well to say that we’re “giving back” while still taking your money, but here’s the thing – every dollar that lands in our pocket goes right back out to fund the next release. That’s recording, mixing, mastering*, design, dubbing, packaging, distribution and marketing, all in-house. The idea of fancy lobster and cocktail lunches is a nice one, but we’re just too nice. You’ve basically got no reason not to buy our stuff, really.

* recording, mixing and mastering does not apply to distribution-only releases