Below is a list of all Rad Jams Exchange releases to date, including both our own original releases and those we’ve given the Rad Jams cassette treatment for distribution. Click on any release below for artwork, track-listing, availability and other information.



West Thebarton Brothel Party
Live At The Exeter – A Day Of Clarity, 16th May 2015
RAD 001

What happens when you jam four guitarists, two drummers and a bassist into a tight beer garden, add a couple hundred punters, cheap drinks and make it part of a free festival? You get one of the best shows of 2015, that’s what.

In celebration of Clarity Records’ fifth birthday, the good people at Clarity put on a free festival spread over four venues and six stages, with over twenty acts stepping up to play to a heaving mass of people, all in the name of supporting the local music community. It was pretty special.

Over at The Exeter, the last act for the night in the beer garden was about to have the full attention of the crowd, starting their set before most other stages had even opened. West Thebarton Brothel Party, launching their single Misophonia, confirmed the reports that had been buzzing around the Adelaide press as of late; these guys were a force to be reckoned with.

Tearing through forty minutes of pub rock anthems and sing-alongs, the seven-piece made their presence clear in no uncertain terms. A bunch of crowdsurfing guitarists and shattered glasses later, and the crowd spilling out of the Exy were left to digest a show they would not soon forget.

As it turns out, we were there to record the whole thing. Isn’t that convenient?

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Live at Fowler’s – Dogs At Bay Tour, 25th September 2015
RAD 002

Hot off the back of launching their debut album Dogs at Bay (and the nation-wide hype that followed), local pub-rock future legends BAD//DREEMS kicked off their album launch tour at Fowler’s Live in Adelaide.

The crowd was keen, the band were in top shape and you better believe we were there to record it. Brace yourself for over an hour of guitar belters, ’80s-Aus-rock inspired melodies and a whole lot of “oi”s.

With a price this low, all profits going back into recording more local acts and getting two live videos from the night we recorded, not buying this limited run cassette would be a… Dumb Idea.

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Horror my Friend - Jive, 1st April 2016

Horror My Friend
Jive, 1st April 2016 / Stay In, Do Nothing Album Tour
RAD 003

Horror My Friend launched their debut album ‘Stay In, Do Nothing’ at the beginning of the year, and didn’t hesitate in touring it around the country. Playing one last gig in Adelaide in April at the fan favourite Jive Bar, there was no shortage of loud fuzz, frenetic drums and crowd froth.

You might not have been there, but now you can experience the electricity of the show wherever and whenever you want – and it’s a damn good thing you can.

This fancy piece of obsolete technology holds the whole show, all spooled in a neat little ‘Loveless Red’ case. If that’s not enough, it’s got some (DIY-style, ahem) labels on each side, and it’s in a case with an insert and everything. Pretty spiffy.

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Louis Bullock - RealisationsLouis Bullock
RJE 001

The scintillating debut album from local experimental musician Louis Bullock, Realisations is a journey through textures, soundscapes and reverberation.

These fancy schmancy tapes come in a deep blue shell packaged in a lovely heavy-duty Norelco case, and come with a digital download card so you can experience it wherever you go.

It’s really good” – everybody who’s heard it, 2016

This does come with a digital copy, but If you just want that alone, click here:

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Lust / Siamese - SplitLust / Siamese
RJE 002

You love SIAMESE? We do. You love Lust? Of course you do! Want them together in a neat little butterscotch cassingle wrapped up in a nice maroon o-card with a download card AS WELL? Read your mind.

They’re real, they’re affordable, and they’re spectacular.

(disclaimer: with them being cassingles they aren’t exactly heavy-duty; edge wear on the o-cards is to be expected, but we think it adds a nice character)

If you’re only after a digital download, hit up the official Swirl Records page here:

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