We’re Back

14107879_1685833271739747_3888713697628143980_o1We’re back and we’re in the distro game!

We’ve collaborated with a couple of local artists to give their work the Rad Jams treatment (whatever that is) and they’re sounding darn spiffy. Here’s the rundown:

RJE-001 brings us Realisations, the debut album from local sonic maverick and ideas man Louis Bullock. It’s an expansive and textured journey through loops, soundscapes and reverberation that would make Ben Frost and Tim Hecker say something like “hey, that’s pretty damn good”. Best accompanied by a rainy evening and an underlying feeling of psychological unease.

RJE-002 is the split release between Adelaide fuzz jellybellies SIAMESEand Toronto dreamers Lust, forged by independent up-and-comers Swirl Records. The local offering is the blistering track ‘I Dive’, an earworm built out of thick, shimmering guitar and punchy drums. Tell you what, it’s a bloody ripper.

We’ve thrown together thirty of each; Realisations in a nice deep blue shell and the Swirl split in a butterscotch cassingle getup, which will both be available on Friday the 26th of August on our page and at Clarity Records, as this image so effectively conveys. Of course, if you’re more of a 21st century digital boy (help me, I can’t stop) both options are available on the artists’ respective pages:


We’ll be back soon with some more news, but in the meantime do yourself a favour and get some good, honest local music in your earholes!

[spent way too long trying to make this look good then just sorta gave up half-way through and pretended it was the style I was going for, don’t judge]